Sunday, February 1, 2015

Three new litters of pigs on the ground

This week we find three new litters of piglets on the ground!  one with 5, one with 4, and one with 9.  Two of the moms chose to give birth in the metal shelters, but one just stayed right out in the moonlight and stars.

So far everyone is doing fine.... but with the coming rain and cold nights, we decided to give shelter to the one under the moon. You cant move a mother sow with a litter of pigs to a shelter easily (believe me, i have tried!)  so now we move the shelter to the mom! Hunter and I took the third shelter, picked it up high with the tractor forks and a chain, and transported it across the pasture to the naturalist mom.  Then we drop the shelter slowly right over the piglets.  The mom goes inside and decides to stay. Works like a charm! We even dropped a few flakes of fresh straw at her doorstep and she dutifully dragged it inside to cushion the floor.

These large black moms are the best momma sows ! They are protective, nurturing, and smart. We are very impressed with their mothering skills. (and believe me.. its not easy to keep 5 to 10 rambunctious piglets in check!)

So all three moms are safe and warm inside their shelters with the piglets.  The rain should not be a problem!

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