Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pigs moving to foothill

We are in the process of moving the growing pigs over to the foothill property.  Last year we tried the sheep and goats,  but it was a frustrating experience with containment.  Neither would respect the electric enough to stay put.  So we decided to change approaches,  and move the pigs over instead.

This week we got the infrastructure ready.  There is a test pen,  about 180 feet on each side,  with 3 strands of heavy electric rope.  The corners are heavy wooden corners with rolling insulators.  We wired each side as a seperate run,  connected across at the corners.  The remaining corner is a double wide (2 pallets)  wooden door.  The whole setup is powered by a 15k solar electric charger.

In theory,  we can keep the growing pigs contained,  and rotate the whole setup around the pasture.  This keeps consistent fresh ground under them,  and limits the over dug damage of constant rooting.   They have a barrel waterer and a new sprouted feed setup. (more on the details later)

So the plan is to move all the growers over at weaning time,  and keep the breeders at the main farm on dodge rd. A much better arrangement for the land available.

More details to follow on the new sprouting / feeding system. 

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