Monday, January 12, 2015

Miracle of life - breathe

Life.  We all have it for a time,  but what is it?  How does a collection of raw materials become "alive"?  This is perhaps the greatest mystery of...  Life.

A recent experience brings me to wonder at the miracle and mystery of life.  I was feeding the sheep,  two bales of alfalfa.  These bands are heavy,  about 150 lbs each.  I had them on the tractor forks one a top the other.  To get these heavy bales into the sheep pen,  I lowered the forks over the fence as far as they would go and let them slide off the forks.

Now,  usually I arrange them one in front of the other,  so they can slide off one at a time....  But this time I forgot and placed them one on top of another.  This is a drastic and almost deadly mistake! But I realized it too soon.  As I tilted the forks forward the top bale leaned over,  but so did the one underneath.  They both slipped enough to start falling the three or so feet to the ground.

Yes,  I had made sure that the sheep and lambs were moved back before starting. But now the bales blocked my view from the tractor seat.  When the bales hit the ground,  I noticed they did not fall flat,  but sat at a weird angle.

Oh no!  Panic time...  I could think of only one reason for this,....  A lamb underneath!  I jumped off the tractor, ran around to where I could climb the fence,  and pulled the bales back from all the feeding sheep.  Sure enough...  A lamb was trapped underneath. He was laid at an odd angle,  between both bales,  crushed under 250 lbs of alfalfa and several full grown sheep standing on top.

My heart sank.  As I pulled his still body out,  he wasn't breathing.  His body was already cool from the wet ground he had been mashed against.  It was an awful moment of realization.  I watched,  no breath.  No movement.  No signs of life.  His eyes were rolled back. 

Heartbroken that I cause this....  I started vigorously rubbing his chest.  Hard enough to shake his entire body.  One way,  then the other.  Watched...  Nothing. Then I prayed to the creator of life itself....  Saying,  "Lord,  please don't let this little one die from my mistake".   Let me be specific here..  I didnt "say a prayer",  but I prayed.  It was from the heart. 

And....  The little ram gasped!  He started choking,  coughing,  breathing hard.  After 20 or 30 seconds he started moving.  His eyes rolled straight.  Slowly,  ever so slowly,  he woke up.   Eventually he weakly pulled his legs under himself and stood up.  Then,  as if that wasn't miracle enough....  He looked around and walked stiffly between my kneeling knees and rubbed my leg,  looked up at me. 

That, my friends, will make a grown man cry.  Period.

I watched him for maybe a half hour and he seemed to make a full recovery.  His Mom,  Dusty,  accepted him back,  all is good.  Life continues.

What is life?  It is breath.  The breath of life that our creator breathed into us to kick start these bodies we live within.  Breath,  the sign we look for to know.  Breath is life.  Something so simple but so profound.

There is a little lamb alive right outside tonight,  because the creator breathed into him once again.  A second chance.  Some might say "geez, it's only a sheep"  but no...  It is life.  Every life is precious.  Every life is special.   This little lamb,  breathes. 

The breath of life....

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  1. What a wonderfully written story, Dave. Something so simple but so profound…heartfelt prayer and the miraculous Breath of Life. Thankful that all is well.