Friday, January 3, 2014

Little Sprouts Weather Station is Active online!

NEW for 2014! We now have an official weather station that is online 24x7!  You can preview the weather before coming out, even get a special localized forecast for the next few hours.

We have been working on this for some time, but December was wrought with problems and little time.  Our local only weather station was to serve as the basis of an internet enabled station, by adding a "gateway" box. Unfortunately the first one we received was defective and had to be replaced, which took forever with the holiday shipping. Then we learned that our original weather monitor equipment was damaged in the -9 degree weather of mid December, so we had to replace that! Everything is finally up and working now as of Jan 3rd.

Details: we are using the AcuRite 5in1 sensor, mounted on our front chicken coop about 10 feet high. That feeds a wireless signal to the AcuRite Internet Bridge, which is connected to our local network and thereby the Internet through our DSL line, The combination sends updated weather every 5 seconds to Weather Underground which produces a localized forecast online for anyone to see.

We also have monitors in the greenhouse (where we sprout grains for feed year round)  and the garage (where we have our incubators running).  so that we can monitor temp and humidity of both of those locations. If the temperature of either exceeds the preset limits, a text message and/or email will be sent to us so that we can deal with it immediately.

You can even place the Little Sprouts Weather on your own webpage with HTML code from this resource:  Weather Underground Weather Stickers

Anytime you wish to see the current weather here, just go to this blog site and you will see a box on the upper right column with current weather conditions. You can click ion that to go to the weather underground history and forecast pages for our valley.

We are very excited to have this operating, both for us and for you. Weather is a VERY important factor in any type of farming. What we do is a "dance with nature" on a daily basis. We cant control the weather, so we learn to use it to our advantage and manage it's effects. You can watch this dance from the warmth of your own home now!

Here is the full current conditions:

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