Sunday, January 26, 2014

It works!

After a frightful night of waiting and watching the webcam....  I am very happy to report that 100% of the chicks made it through the night!  The temp outside dropped to a mere 24 degrees,  and yet the chicks stayed warm and cozy all night under the 12v heaters!

I checked once about 2:30 and was shocked to see a handful of chicks running around and eating / drinking.  But then i realized the layers next door get up at 2am yet!  So all was well.  The chicks woke up,  had a snack,  and went back to their warm beds for the rest of the night.

Finally it looks like we have a brooder setup that can handle a few hundred birds,  stay dry and warm,  and have battery backup protection in the event of power failure.

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