Thursday, August 8, 2013

Black Wattle Piglets doing fine! - videos!

We are happy to report that the old fashioned treatment of our troubled sow worked well! We have a happy family of all 6 little piglets and  mom now nursing regularly and the piglets growing strong again.  IT was a close call. I suspect the piglets were within a few hours of death on monday.

The treatment? beer. yes.. beer and isolation. The beer killed enough pain and calmed her down  so that without distraction of the other hogs mom was able to bond with the piglets and feed them. We also did 3 rounds of goat milk to the piglets when mom wouldnt nurse. Not bottle feeding, just pour the milk into a shallow pan and let them suck it right in. The goat milk saved them from death while the beer calmed the mom down enough to bring the family together.

By the way... she strongly prefers bitter red beers, and doesn't like stouts. just for the record! Thats good since the bitter part of the beer is the hops, which is the component that kills pain.

Here's a video of them nursing on their own this morning. Be sure to turn on your sound to hear them nursing and the mom grunting to train them.

Here's another video of the little ones running around happily this afternoon. Very active and inquisitive little ones!  Towards the end you can see mom in the background trying to take a nice dip in the water bucket!

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