Monday, August 5, 2013

Black Wattle piglets arrive on time!

They are here! The last littler of 50/50 red wattle - large black crosses were born today! 6 little piglets all looking healthy and happy.  These guys are known as black wattles, to signify the cross. they are mostly black with faint red stripes down their body.

I am amazed at how lively they are, being only minutes old! These little fellows are roaming all around the pasture, looking for anyone or anything to suck on!  

This is a great week to visit to see  fresh baby pigs... they are much cuter in the beginning than  a few months later :)

The mom is still giving birth to the last one, laying in the pen with her sisters. you can see the little ones roaming around already, minutes old. 

sometimes the ears take a while to settle in 

Can you see the characteristic faint red stripes down his sides?

These little ones got tired of waiting for mom and went searching for milk form.. auntie! she had a good attitude about it..

finally the way life ought to be.. nursing on mom :) the last one is making his way to the breakfast buffet. 

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