Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pasteurization causes spoilage in milk?

What an interesting find!  Ever wonder why pasteurized milk spoils in the fridge but raw milk just turns to other food products over time like natural yogurt?  I've often wondered... and have previously come to the conclusion that pasteurized milk spoils because all the probiotics are eliminated from the milk, leaving it susceptible to spoilage.  Apparently that is not true.

This new finding shows that the pasteurization itself, the process intended to make milk safer to drink, is actually to blame. In summary, (full article below) there are bacterial spores in milk that are HEAT ACTIVATED. Once heated they are activated to "hatch" and turn into active bacteria. Oddly, the bacteria grow best after heat activation in cold temps (refrigeration). So.. the process of heat followed by refrigeration is the environment that these little things flourish in!

Now if this isnt irony, I dont know what is!. Our attempts to purify milk actually causes more bad things to grow than before.  And for decades we have not known this, thereby we are consuming these not normally found in milk living pathogens every time we consume pasteurized milk.  Decades! Amazing... Once again it seems that man's attempts to do better than nature are thwarted by a complexity and balance we are just beginning to fully appreciate.

Still want to drink storebought pasteurized milk? the one with live pathogens in it, brought alive by the unnatural processing of the milk?

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