Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Global warming forces goodby to conventional farming

As explained in the article below, conventional farming based on chemical fertilizers and chemical poisons, obviously fail  when compared to organic methods in times of drought.  It is the organic method, the build up of organic material in the soil, that lowers the need for water during plant growth.  Conventional farming is devoid of organic matter, the nutrients of which are replaced with chemical fertilizers.

This approach is quite the same as if humans attempted to live only on vitamin and mineral supplements, with NO FOOD.  The organic matter in the soil (from composting) is the food of the soil. Fertilizers are nothing but vitamins and minerals. Now, think... how long could a person live on supplements alone with no acutal food in their diet? Not for long... just like soil looses its capacity to support life after rounds and rounds of crops pull nutrients out and only "supplements" are replaced.

Lunacy? I think so.

Anyway... with the coming global warming (lets leave that debate aside for a minute) conventional farming must go away, because it will fail more and more over time. Only organic methods can carry us forward.

The Rural Blog: Studies: In drought conditions, organic farming methods give crops better water-holding capacity

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