Saturday, July 7, 2012

GMO... what is the purpose?

For the most part,  there is but one purpose for most GMO crops today: sell more poisons.

Think about it.. . The modification of most GMO crops is the ability to withstand higher than normal applications of certain poison (herbicide or pesticide). That's it.  Nothing more.  Why do that unless the end result of to use more poison in the field?

So. .. the purpose behind GMO crops is to allow higher levels of poison than ever before,  to allow for killing weeds and insects that have themselves developed immunity to the poison.

Why they call this "feeding the world" is beyond me.  It should be termed "poisoning the world". It has nothing to do with feeding unless they plan on feeding poison.

Here is an article on a study about pesticide use in GMO crops.

New Benbrook data blow away claims of pesticide reduction due to GM crops

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