Tuesday, July 10, 2012

160+ turkeys on pasture!

We have successfully moved 162 turkeys out to pasture as of today. That leaves 4 in the barn.  The 162 turkeys are in portable hoop  houses with no floors, which are moved around the pasture providing access to fresh dirt, bugs, and grass on a daily basis. We occasionally open the coops during the day to let them fly around and graze wider.

As they mature and get used to the new surroundings they will be allowed greater and greater access to the pasture. The hoop houses are just a temporary protection from predators and inexperienced leaders taking the flock out into dangerous areas.   So far we have lost no turkeys to predators this year, and hope to keep it that way!

IF you have not reserved your thanksgiving turkey yet, now is hte time to do so! IF you have reserved yours, perhaps you'd like to come see them roaming free the way turkeys were meant to. Visitors are always welcome!

The 4 turkeys left in the barn brooder are special. One has a broken leg and needs time to learn to walk without competition. The other three are the special ones that hatched out yellow and then matured into beautiful white birds with grey/ black wingtips.  They are absolutely the most beautiful turkeys I have ever seen! We want to be sure these have every chance to stay protected from predators and from the other turkeys who seem a little  aggressive towards them.  If these birds make it to maturity, we will be breeding them for sure!

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