Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looking for an intern

We have reached the point where we simply can't keep up with all the projects ourselves.  It is time to find a farm intern.

We will post more details soon,  consider this a pre announcement. 

The person we are looking for will meet some very stringent guidelines of personality,  drive,  work ethic, respect,  life goal,  lifestyle,  etc.  This isn't for everyone,  but it may be for you.

We want someone who has a heart to learn sustainable farming,  connect with history and nature while creating the most nutritionist food possible.  Someone who cares about people,  our nation,  and gods creation more than themself. Someone accustomed to hard labor and soft handling of new life.

The deal will be a work for room,  board,  and education.  Think of this as boot camp. ... not a vacation. You will learn by doing,  hands on, and  you will touch on every aspect of farming.

If this sounds interesting,  if you want to do what we do on your own farm someday ,  if you want to trade long house of work for a real education,  if you want to steward a tiny piece  of gods fabulous creation,  email us. Let's talk.

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