Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jackson County Food and Farm Fair with Joel Salatin

Little Sprouts will be at the very exciting Food and Farm Fair Friday 3/16, sponsored by Project Rogue Valley. These fine folks have set up a two day event that has been a huge success thus far. The remaining event is the big open to the public food fair friday from 4:30 to 6, followed by a special talk by Joel Salatin himself.

Little Sprouts will be there giving out samples of our brined and smoked heritage turkey, available this year for thanksgiving.  We will also have available samples of our new line of nutrient dense soy free animal feeds !

Joel Salatin is especially important to us because his books have formed the foundation of our farm here in the rogue valley. Joel's approach to farming, animal care, business, and caring for the earth have influenced and driven our own efforts immensely. We owe him and his family a lot, and appreciate all that they have done to further local sustainable farming across america.

If there is any way that you can, please come out to the medford armory tomorrow to show your support for local farmers, and meet all the wonderful options you have in the rogue valley.  and be sure to stop by and taste our incredible smoked heritage turkey!

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  1. UPDATE: Hunter had the unknown pleasure of serving Joel Salatin himself. I say unknown because at the time, hunter had ho idea who joel is! This was probably a good thing since it prevented any nervousness from serving a "celebrity". I watched him do this but was tied up speaking to other people so couldn't hear the exchange they had.