Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wisdom in little things

I find myself questioning a recent small decision , and really wishing I had thought ahead more.  I am referring to the post about moving the chicken trailer away from the suxxox eggmobile to prevent fighting. A good move at the time (aside from the time of day resulting in several hours of chicken catching) but where I left it.. . Questionable at best.

Winter rain has hit.  A bit late thus year,  which perhaps gave me a false sense of mobility in winter.  Rain is forecast.. . Pretty much forever. :) and at this moment the chicken trailer sits on the far side of the little seasonal Creek through our pasture.  So.. .. very soon driving to it will be impossible.

Seems I have two choices: carry bags of food out,  in the rain,  through the mud  Or build a bridge.  Neither option is appealing.

If I had only thought to park it on this side of the creek. .. my life would be so much simplier for the winter.  But no. .. I choose to save maybe $50 in fencing and an hour in labor by parking it where it is.  Now that seems a poor choice.

Sigh,  oh well,  good thing I have excellent  mud boots this year!

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