Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Raising Camels in Southern Oregon?

We have been researching a new avenue for the farm that is a bit unique, camel raising.  There is a long list of reasons why this seems a good idea as a personal venture, an investment, and a business opportunity for a small farm in southern oregon.  One thing is for sure, we would be the first farm, as far as I can tell, that raises camels in southern oregon.

This week we will be visiting a private breeder not too many hours away to learn more and experience the animals first hand.  Hopefully this will take us further down the road of making a decision.

the particular camels we are interested in are Bactrim camels, the ones with two humps. They seem a better fit for our environment and weather than the single hump camels.

Stay Tuned for more news!


  1. So I'm curious as to the pros and cons of raising camels. I find this venture rather interesting. :)

    1. Good question! The pros are:
      Health benefits of the milk
      Drawing factor to a small farm
      Activities for visitors (rides, feeding, etc)
      The females are quiet and docile, even trainable
      well adapted to various climates
      Low maintenance, naturally Hardy animals

      The condition are
      size, these are big animals. They don't fit well in standard shelters nor stock trailers
      professional advice with experience is rare
      Expensive! This is a large investment
      Containment is different due to size

      Our next step is to visit a camel dairy in Ohio.

  2. Hello,

    Do you know of anyone in Southern Oregon that currently has camels? Thanks!

    1. Not in southern Oregon that we are aware of. There is a breeder in Salem, one on the Washington - Oregon border, and one in northern California.

    2. I see this post is rather old. Did yu ever end up getting camels?

    3. No, after visiting the camels at the Amish dairy in person, we decided we just do not have the proper land to house camels. It would be too much of a stretch from their natural environment in size, weather, and landscape. So we did not adopt any.

      If things change, we might!

  3. Schreiner Farms, Dallesport, Washington. Ask for John, the owner.