Sunday, March 20, 2011

The lamb count is up to 7 now! Jacob sheep flock increasing

While we were off busy at the Cheese and Wine Festival, the Jacob sheep were busy taking care of business at home. Last night we counted 7 lambs born! I had to grab the flashlight and count twice to make sure!

We are very impressed with the ability of the Jacob sheep to breed and birth naturally with NO intervention. So far we have not assisted in anything, allowing nature to follow its course. Even the timing of the lamb births has been right on -- not too early, not too late.

Here are some pics of the happy and expanding flock

This is one of the new ones, a day old here

Here's another newbie, also a day old

This little guy is about a week old here

Hanging out by the barn

Another new lamb!

Even at a few days old the little ones stay close to mom for safety. Here are the triplets running alongside mom.

Everyone heading back to the sheep pasture, kids in tow.

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