Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Major Announcement - Changing to Monthly Delivery and Adding Grants Pass!

WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS! Please read in entirety, becasue this DOES affect your account with Little Sprouts!

We are making three major changes for our customers:

1. Changing from bi-weekly to once monthly delivery

2. Adding Grants Pass area to our free delivery routes

3. Moving beyond just good food

The Details:

Monthly Delivery - starting October 1

We are changing to the monthly delivery instead of every two weeks for a variety of reasons. It seems the right direction to take the farm forward to the next level. We will still offer all the same products through home delivery, and in fact we are adding many new exciting products soon. The only difference will be monthly ordering. We are assembling "packages" that you can "subscribe to" on a monthly basis to make things easier.  For instance, our "pork variety pack" has been quite popular... where you receive a set amount of pork products each delivery for a set price. The contents may change, but you always have dinner ready to go!

Your delivery will take place during the first week of each month. You will be assigned a day based on the delivery address. Most deliveries happen in the afternoon hours.  You do NOT have to be home to accept delivery, just be sure to leave out a cooler in a safe spot for perishables.

Grants Pass Delivery Route!

We are now, after many requests over the last few years, accepting customers in Grants Pass are for home delivery. Just like Medford and Ashland (and surrounding areas) the Grants Pass delivery route will include any products we sell, delivered free once a month. There is no charge for delivery service as long as your in our delivery area. You can pay online or in person.

Be sure to tell all your grants pass area friends and family that they can now participate in the most convenient farm fresh food and feed available!

Beyond just good food

While it is true that Food is Health, we have come to realize that for a family to be truly healthy (especially with already challenged health conditions) there is more than just food. The environment we live in , the personal care products we use, the air we breathe is all part of our total health package.  We ourselves have don't many things to improve our family health, and want to bring these things to your family as well as food.

Some products we will make ourselves, some will be resold from trusted manufacturers. Our promise to you is that we will only offer the products that we ourselves trust and use. Just like the food we offer, this is how we changed our family health. You don't have to go through all the trial and error that we did over the last few years.. you can follow our footsteps (the ones that worked) and adjust from there. The starting point is already worked out and packaged for you.


Keep an eye open for a steady stream of new products, Often we will offer first the ones we use from manufacturers, but then start making the comparable products here locally. Many of the best products like cleaners, personal care, cooking, etc are DIY type things, but so few of us have the time to make everything! Let us do the DIY part for you!

Stay Tuned, Little Sprouts is going through a major upgrade between now and end of year. Each month will bring new things. The changes above start as of October 1 and will be rolled out over the next few months as time permits.

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