Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meat price restructuring is now complete! Enjoy the lower price!

As promised a short while back, we have drastically reduced our meat prices. DRASTICALLY! There are two reasons why this was possible.

First, we went through our yearly review of profit center cost and production, and discovered that  changes we had made to purchasing feed allowed an across the board 35% reduction in pork selling price.  yes.. 35%!

But wait.. there's more.. we have now completed our transformation from the current meat pricing model of "price cuts for what they can sell for" to a more farm style "price the meat based on what it costs to produce".  Basically we stopped comparing price to "everyone else" and instead based our price on our own farm,  and figured out what it takes to make this profitable. period.  Where most meat sales is based on the cut individually, we now base our totally on the cost to produce the overall animal that the cut comes from.

For instance, we have only 3 price levels:

1. Farm direct in bulk - $5 per lb (hanging weight)
 This is the price for buying a whole animal direct from the farm, in bulk, and paying separately for the butchering. This is the least expensive way to do it if you can handle the quantity of meat all at once.  Traditionally called "farm kill", it is where you have total control over what you get, save the most, and end up with a lot of meat all at once.

2. Plentiful USDA packaged cuts - $8 per lb (individual packages)
This price is for cuts that come "plentiful" like ground pork, chops, etc. Cuts where the cut produces much quantity.

3. Limited USDA cuts  - $10 per lb (individual packages)
This price is for cuts that come in very limited quantities, like ribs. There is only 2 full racks of ribs per animal. Due to the smaller quantity, the price needs to be slightly higher to cover expenses that cant be spread out across many buyers.

To make life even easier, we sell meats in approximate weights, not exact quantities. We round each package to the nearest half pound or quarter pound. Over time it all balances out and it saves a vast amount of time over individually priced packages.

So, please do browse through the online store. Some prices have dropped in more than half with the combined effect of both changes.  We are committed to bringing you the highest quality nutritious meats raised humanely, and at reasonable prices that allow you to save money while the farm is reasonably profitable.

Time will tell how this new pricing model works out, but we feel comfortable that it will be best for everyone!

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