Sunday, October 18, 2015

Newest fodder / sprout setup

We have taken the fodder / sprout system to a new level... Attempting to keep these hogs in fresh live feed in between seasons of garden produce. We needed a way to produce several trash barrel size feedings per day. Well here it is!

Plastic children's swimming pools, sitting on pallets. We drilled about a dozen holes in each pool for drainage. Then last a water hose in the pool, in a timer. The timer runs water once a day, long enough to almost fill the pool (about 30 minutes) The holes let the water slowly drain out. There two pools together on a set of 5 pallets. Lastly, each set of two is covered with 6 mil greenhouse plastic and tucked under.

The end result is a system that sprouts and grows fodder quickly in large quantities. Each pool will hold about one barrel of grain, or about 40 gallons worth. The tinner fills with water daily to keep the grain wet and growing and clean while the hikes allow the water to drain and seeds to sprout. The pallets keep the holes open for drainage. The plastic sheet keeps stray animals out and holds heat to sprout sooner.

When ready to feed (2 days for sprouts, 4 for fodder) , it's easy to shovel into barrels and feed to hogs, chickens, or whoever. Then just refill with dry grain and go again.

The results are fabulous, Nutrition unmatched, and easy to manage.

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