Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas surprise

What a shock!  We found  a newborn lamb this morning!  Christmas eve morning!

Cute as it is...  What a surprise.  These guys usually show up in February or even March,  not December! 

It's actually a bit dangerous,  since we are not set up to winter lambs.  By Feb -  March the weather is improving already,  but for this little ram to be,  he is facing the coldest weather as a newborn.

To help him,  we moved the stock trailer to their pasture pen,  and filled it with fresh dry straw.  Then we hang a tarp shelter to keep him out of the rain.  Will the mom use it?  Time will tell but this afternoon he looked strong and healthy.  We will check on him in the morning and evaluate what to do with him next.

Surprisingly,  I noticed at least one more mom in milk today,  so there are more babies coming soon!

Never a dull moment around here.

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