Saturday, October 26, 2013

Male blaptica dubia molting into maturity

This week we finally have adult blaptica dubias!  We found 3 mature males,  ready to mate and produce lots of natural high protein bird feed :)

Below is a picture of the fourth male...  We caught him in the act of molting into his manly mature skin. 

This bug project is getting exciting!  I predict that,  barring any accidents,  we will have a large second generation of roaches and mealworms getting ready to scale this into the next phase.

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  1. I had to google for "blaptica dubia", and got a good laugh when it came up cockroaches -- even if the Blaptica genus turns out to be only a distant cousin of the common cockroach.

    My youngest daughter spent way too much of her time 2 apartments ago, trying to exterminate the common cockroach from their 9th floor living quarters. I think she would have appreciated the notion of trying to raise the things specifically to be eaten... :-)