Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Soy.... We are what we feed

I ran across the article below discussing  the top ten reasons of 170 reasons that soy is horribly bad for anyone.  Yes....  Soy      not a health food miracle but rather toxic substance.  But many people today have come to that realization already.  The missing piece I wish to point it out  is that most,  the vast majority,  of all farm animals are fed soy daily.  Soy is the number one protein source for farm feeds.  The end result is that soy compounds are present in all commonly produced eggs and meat.  So even if you are avoiding soy directly,  consuming any meats or eggs that are not specifically labeled soy free brings all the same health problems.

In fact, we have found that many people who are allergic to eggs are fine consuming or soy free eggs.  This is because they are not truly allergic to eggs but to the soy that comes through the eggs from commercial soy based feeds.

This is why little sprouts has been soy free across the board for over 2 years.  Yes it makes our products cost more  because other protein sources are substantially higher in cost than soy.  But we are committed to the health benefits for our animals and our customers. 

Here are ten good reasons to avoid soy,  both directly and in the meats and eggs we consume :



  1. Hi there, I am part of the corn allergy community which contains many with soy allergy also. I realize that the animals have to eat SOMEthing... but is it possible that you don't use corn in your feed either? If so, I could pass your info on to our facebook group which has quite a large following.

  2. Actually yes! We have 2 lines available, one with gmo free organic feed and one with zero corn. We also have 2 types of scratch, one with corn and one without. So it is entirely possible to feed animals without corn or soy.